A 43-year-old NRI woman from Navsari district of Gujarat has successfully completed her solo car journey of 32,000 kilometres from the United Kingdom to India.

Prior to her arrival in Navsari, the woman Bharulata Kamble made a halt at Vadodara where she was facilitated at the Mayfair Atrium Art gallery.

During her journey, she traversed across 32 countries in 57 days from the United Kingdom to India to spread the message of 'Save girls, educate girls'.

"My mission is to work for the girl child. I wanted to show the world that there is nothing which we women can't do. I always wanted to come to India with a change that I wanted to see. Education is the key to lead a respectful life. Girls should be educated for betterment of the society," she said.

Sharing her experience, she said, "I was treated with high respect in the foreign countries. China was challenging and the most chilling experience for me was the high altitude."

Kamble drove through nine mountain ranges, three major deserts and two continents.

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